How to be better in bed

Although a large sized dick is not all that a man needs to fully satisfy a woman, research has proven that its size plays a very significant role. A man with a large penis will be able to penetrate a woman to the bottom most part thus make sex to be more satisfying to both. While there are those men who are naturally born with large penis, this does not mean that one cannot gain a large dick using other ways. There are various methods that one can use to increase his penile size including various exercises, diets and pills. But here are effective natural methods on how to make your dick bigger:


This is one of the most effective methods that you can use to make your dick bigger. There are normal exercises- the workout that you do to make your body fit and then there are exercises that are specifically meant for the penis. But both help you enlarge your dick. When you workout on your daily routine, you will increase and smoothen the of flood flow to all the parts of the body. When the there is a smooth flow of blood in your body, when you erect more blood will fill the tissues of the penis making it larger and firmer. For exercises specifically meant for the dick, they come in two forms: penis extending exercise and blood flow capacity exercises.

Penis extending exercises 

This method is also known as Jelquing. While it is a method that is mostly used to increase the length of a dick, Jelquing also enhance the blood flowing into the dick tissues making it firmer. Jelquing is a method that has been used by many men across the world due to its easiness to learn. The method involves holding the dick in the thumb and fingers and move the hand like you are milking a cow. This stretches the dick tissues and opens new spaces for more blood to be accommodated thus make the dick grow bigger and bigger. But if you are not so sure on how to go about this exercise, you can as well use penis extenders; machines made to aid in this exercise.

Blood flow capacity exercise

This is done through rubbing your dick in all angles. Rubbing gently but firmly for about 10-15 minute stretches the tunica albuginea in the penis allowing for more blood to be accommodated into the dick. This in turns makes the dick bigger and stronger.

Apart from the exercise, right eating is another effective natural method that you can use to enlarge the size of a dick. Some of these foods include:

Bananas: just from its shape a lot of people compare a dick to a banana without understanding that actually a banana is a good food for enlarging a penis size. Bananas contain minerals that reduce the sodium level in the body thus enhancing the flow of blood in the whole body including the dick.

Salmon: with its blood thinning ability, salmon again makes the blood to flow smoothing in all the areas of the body. It has Omega 3 fatty acids that make the blood to flow in the body. Other foods that are god for making your dick bigger include Ginseng, Onions, watermelon and L-argi