Don’t give up your love and family!


One of the preferred ways to solve crises is communication and mutual understanding, but despite good intentions, it is not always enough so it this situation is recommended to involve  counseling will teach you how to reach understandings crises will not return.

Economic crisis – can disintegrate the family unit as capacitors wrong decisions, when planning ahead. The crisis might make the relationship into a battlefield and lack of coping.

The solution: they decided to come out of it, you can choose the option of mutual support instead of guilt and discover new aspects and positive with your partner. Consider what can be done to increase revenues diminished, and where you can cut back to save money.

First-born child when the first baby, as soon as one falls on parents and parenting brings with it great responsibility. Double standpoint, baby changing the image, the relationship that you have known is changing.

Marital crisis treatment is important because marital relations are affected, the spontaneity is gone, vanished physical attraction, shared pastimes were arrested and Christians disagreements over education. Marriage becomes a pressure cooker inside accumulate anger and quarrels about the new baby.

Solution: Do not give up recreation, decided to go out together and enjoy, and go out have some fresh air, you need it!

Another option Prepare a romantic dinner with candles or order food from outside Maintain quality time.

Routine is the enemy of relationship – maintenance and care. When we are in a rut of our natural tendency to give up on joint activities we enjoyed doing together.

Solution: It is important to break the monotony by surprisingly creative thinking you can do together.
This will stand together in all sorts of tests of life,

50s age crisis – at this age increases our awareness about ourselves, about our choices in life. Created spare time leaves time to look back and forth about the tasks and decisions we have done or not done so far in our lives. We have already reached the consolidation of economic and diminishing parental roles.

We feel the window of opportunity and fulfillment, self-realization is closing, whatever I do will never happen now. Are questions was, whether I am satisfied with my life and what I still want to do.

The crisis can lead to divorce, sometimes hard and get the situation and can make you tired and dismantle the package.

Solution: This is your chance to start anew and to fulfill dreams, to check what you are least satisfied with and what should change.

Start with small things like going out with friends, look for a class that suits you both shared or fly abroad for a romantic holiday. These changes can positively impact the relationship.

In no success bridge between you and any outstanding crisis and difficulties in relationships may want to consider contacting counseling.

Emptying nest crisis – at this stage of life may not just a crisis. Departure of children brings us back to the beginning of the marriage, without children at home. Now it is necessary to re-examine the marital relationship. Christian conflict situations, sense of alienation and emptiness double life.

Marital and sexual relationship begins to be damaged, leaving the children can create a sense of isolation.

Solution: Free …. and this freed time to enjoy the peace, the less housework, laundry, cooking and cleaning. The economic costs are reduced and Leisure Relationships and social missions.

Rather than rush to give up the relationship, you can decide to improve and rehabilitate the event and could not bridge this gap Double manna to seek advice that will help you get out of crises stronger and achieve a better relationship than you had before.

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