How to Identify and eliminate cat aggression

It goes like this: You get up from the couch to take something from the kitchen, and within a few seconds the cat appears out of nowhere, running to you and “hugging” your legs with all its nails and teeth. ) And ran to hide under the bed. Once you start walking again – he “dresses” again on your ankles and begins to bite and scratch them. Hint: It just happened because you started moving in the house, because cats are hunters and they are “programmed” to chase small things that move. so what to do? Do not move at all? Not really 🙂 Here are some prevention tips for hunting aggression.

There are many reasons for cats – and animals in general – many reasons for bites – this article will focus on bites “hunting game” – but you should check the other reasons for aggression in these articles: Why the cat bites when caressing it, and sometimes cats bite from love

Environmental and social enrichment: * Correct toys * Interactive games * Places of observation and hiding

Unlike dogs that have been domesticated for more than 100,000 years, cats have been with us for only 6000 years, and are in fact not domestic enough to refine their basic instincts: the genetic need to chase and storm deep in cats and sometimes stronger than them – especially when there is nothing else in the environment that moves like prey. The boring bowl of food placed daily on a silver platter in the same place is no substitute for the interesting and exciting life that is deeply embedded in their genetics. So when there’s nothing to rush at and capture, they’ll do it to your feet and hands. That’s why you have to provide them with toys – and plenty.

So what are the right toys and games for cats? Mouse Toy ? Balls? Laser? Remote Snake?  Fishing rod? All the same, but here’s an important tip: Even a house with lots of toys can bore a cat who is essentially a super hunter. Cats are not built to live in an apartment, they are really freaky about it, so they need variety. Put all the cat’s toys in a secret drawer, and removed three or four other toys every week. So every week your cat will have three or four new toys or ones he has not seen in a long time! Also note that the toys do not disappear under the couch and the cat has nothing left to play. Take a plastic bowl and put the toys of the week in it. The cat can move the toys and play with them in the bowl – and if he takes one of the toys out you will always see that one is missing, find it or complete a new one drawer.

Feeding Toys: Feeding toys are toys that can be put into cats or canned meat to make the cat do what is natural for him – to make a physical and mental effort to get food. Feeding toys are common in zoos, making great efforts to provide wildlife as close as possible to their nature. Otherwise they are depressed and do not want to mate and reproduce. So this challenge is known and familiar, and cats are not much different from wild animals in zoos – they are not really domesticated and have not forgotten their need to think and move to get prey to food. In the next video (in this section) three games – including feeding toys – that every cat needs to remain sane.

* Interactive games: Games that involve contact with another person or animal – you or another cat – or a cat-friendly dog. An interactive game can be a wait game with you like the video attached here, laser games or fun games where you throw a toy cat and it returns it to you. No matter what game you play – it is important that you let your cat eat a wet meal after the game – like canned meat for cats.

* Observation places (preferably in sunlight – vitamins and hormonal balance): Cats need to look out the window at an interesting environment – people, birds, cars – everything that moves and interests their eyes. In addition, observation places provide cats with a sense of security, especially if there are other animals in the house or children running around and the cat wants to feel safe where no one can disturb him and threaten his peace. A cat who has high places to observe them on an interesting environment will have a much calmer cat.

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