The fours stages of makeup

This makeup action we do every day, but when we have to handle so many tasks, such as preparing the children for school, prepare for work, catch a bus, etc., many times we are not enough to organize our makeup as we want. It is difficult there are usually only a few minutes to put on makeup. And we do not mention often to achieve a flawless makeup need at least half an hour to get, and often need to be a graduate course in make-up North.

So it turns out in life we ​​need an appropriate response and quick makeup makeup technique we have fast, just a few minutes, that brings results and will help you turn on your guy. Something we can make the morning when there is full chaos at home and do not have time or example, we only have a few minutes to get along because we got up a little late. No one wants to do her makeup taxi or bus.

In answer to this desire was created five minutes technique. Apply makeup properly in very short time and it feels as if we invested in achieving long makeup. This technique requires skill, but we are confident that after a few times you try this technique to control it,. It’s just a matter of practice. The technique is divided into five stages:

Step basis – at this stage should any problem areas Concealer Concealer must, instead of allowing the concealer on the entire face. If we begin to lay concealer all over your face it will take us a long time, we have no time, so we only have to take care of problem areas. You probably already know what your problem areas so it should not take so long.

The cheeks phase – at this stage we assume blush on the cheeks, preferably based on a blush cream because it provides more uniform appearance but not placed on any face, but from a flush fit. No customer usually flush long assumed. Some leeks enough. It does not have to be perfect, it will be treated at the finish.

The eyelashes phase – At this point take care of the eyes that have a great impact on the appearance of facial makeup. Curl lashes and add mascara should not take long. The only reason would be delayed at this point is if there is some dirt of mascara lashes. Your technique will be as a better way you will avoid dirt of mascara.

The lips phase – because we hurry, only women or natural colored lipstick “gloss” natural color. We use this natural color lipstick coincides very well with facial appearance and there is no need to spend time adjusting the rest of the makeup.

The finishing phase – finishing phase is the most important step in the process of rapid makeup. At this point we take care of our makeup so that a uniform will be noticed invested only a few minutes. Currently, we use air brush all over the face, to hide distribution lines of the cheeks, eyes and other facial. When there is a perfect mix between all parts of the face so really you can think of taking work carried out here a long time.