Topics to talk about

Topics To talk about with your date, friend or colleague

A conversation involves an exchange of information on different topics between one or more individuals. When the form and content of the conversation between individuals is relevant, people tend to get more connected with each other. It’s imperative to choose decent topics to talk about because it plays a key role in the entire conversation. 

When you’ve a decent topic to talk about with your friend, family or stranger, it becomes easier to keep the conversation going. A good topic makes the conversation interesting while creating a positive connection with the person. This article explores various topics to talk about during a conversation. Stay tuned. 

1. The surroundings
During the conversation, with either a girl or guy, try to not focus on just one single topic. Let your mind think big, and broaden the conversation. 
In order to widen your focus and create more diverse topics, try to look around you. There’s always something interesting within your surroundings that can let you start a conversation about it  By the way, truth or dare questions may be an excellent subject for
conversation and a great way to start one. Example question: Where did you meet your first friend – an then you can develop it further. 

For instance, say you’re at a dinner or a party in someone’s apartment and you just identify some movies and books on the shelves, the record collection, some awesome piece of clothing someone is wearing, or even the fishes in the aquarium. Apparently, the topics that you can integrate within your particular settings are endless. Pick one that interests you most and start the conversation right away.To help you make the conversation even easier is to send good morning texts to your girlfriend, and then you can start a conversation by asking about the text.  

2. The news and current trends
Well, it is very important to keep an eye on the papers so you can get informed when it comes to the current trends and accomplishments in the world. When you’re up-to-date and read the papers frequently, you’ll certainly get something interesting to incorporate in the conversation. You can even choose to strike a conversation on current technological trends, like the introduction of a cool app on the iTunes app store. 

Funny or fascinating topics are also better when it comes to conversation. However, do not introduce certain topics such as misery, death and controversial topics into the discussion. Such kinds of topics are not interesting, and hence not great in the conversation. 

3. Water cooler-topics
Besides the news and current trends, you can choose to discuss water-cooler topics. These topics often make for fun conversation. Water-cooler topics include the current episode of Prison Break, spectacular band, some new and amazing summer blockbusters, and so on. 
It might also be useful to promptly browse through social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit, to find some of the coolest topics that are trending now. Logging into your twitter account can also be great as you’ll discover new and fascinating stories and trends. 

4. Personal preferences and future plans 
Personal preferences and future plans can also be great topics to integrate, where you will discuss about your passions and what you love doing. Tell about what you do for fun,you bought yesterday and probably your most favorite café in your locality. 

Telling your friend about your future plans is great as this will let you get more connected together. For instance, say something about what you’d like to accomplish in life, including your dreams and ambitions.

Finally, another great source of discussion is to reuse the old conversation topics you’ve had before with your friend. That is, if you’ve ever met together before. You do not need to invent the wheel every time you want to chat, you can utilize the strings of conversation you’ve had success with before, particularly if it led to a successful conversation. It’s imperative to have a small notebook where you can put down a couple of keywords every time you have a successful conversation. Thank you!