Topics for Conversaion

There is Nothing we can ┬ádo, we are not good at talking. At least not like women. We know how to answer questions, and can be quite witty occasionally, but we do not have the ability and verbal skills approaches when it comes to women’s continuous chatter.

That is why one of the things that most frighten us a date is our spouse from the requirement to produce topics of conversation that will continue to interest her. If it were up to us we would eat, drink something, and then continue the directions of the more interesting of the evening. Unfortunately, this approach is not received with understanding the other side of the table, so we decided to bring you seven topics of conversation – a rule book, if you like – that will help you get through this date to the end and leave a good taste in your date and continue with you so desire.

On the first date

When making friends

Talking about a crush

Talking about tricky things

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